About Us
From kawaii (cute) to kimonos, our heavily cat themed shop aims to bring the best of Japanese cuteness to our fantastic customers in the UK.
Japonicat started out as Japonica in September 2013 selling framed Japanese fabrics on the Nails Market in Bristol. By November 2014 we had a tiny shop in The Exchange Hall that opened 6 days a week. We knew we needed to add additional products to our range and kind of fell into the kawaii (cute) side of things. Just over a year later in March 2015, we moved into a larger shop and began to up our game with the range of products. We now visit Tokyo twice a year to select and ship lovely new things back to the UK. This is one of the most exciting but physically and mentally exhausting things our business does. But we love it!

Last year we realised we needed a new name but didn't want to change it too much. The answer was staring us in the face. Japanese stuff, cats... Japonicat. Purrfect!

Then Covid came along and we needed to look at other ways of getting our business seen, which is how we've ended up with this rather lovely website.
We started off small with only a limited range of cute goodies and have built it up over the years so we now have a shop that's bursting with things to make you smile. We aim to increase our stock but keep it to only a limited amount of each product. This allows us to find and bring in loads of new, even cuter things.  Watch this space..

If there's something you've seen in the shop but we don't have it on the website, just get in contact and we can arrange for it to be sent out or reserved in the shop for you to pick up.

Please remember that most of our stock is limited and we cannot guarantee that it will be restocked. 
Find us tucked away in The Exchange Hall of St Nicholas Market in Bristol.

I would just like to add many, many thanks to all the wonderful people that have helped make Japonicat possible, particularly Emiko and Von. I couldn't have done it without you.

Jane Labas